Family Pictures

We were able to get our family pictures done before the weather turned cold (freezing) Thanks Angie! They turned out awesome.
It's been forever since I've blogged and it makes me sad because I was able to keep up with recording all of Grants milestones, but I haven't kept up with Ben. :( it's on my to-do list for next week!!


  1. These are great!! You guys look all good, all the time.

  2. Hi Amy, this is Merrick from Merricks Art. I got your comment on my blog and I had no email for you to respond, so I'm responding here :)

    First, thank you for stopping by my blog, and thank you for your nice words about my refashioned top! Second, the jeans are from Ross. I bought them 4 or 5 years ago, but I'm sure Ross still has lots of great options now. However, if you have bootcut or flared jeans you are tired of, I recently did a tutorial on refashioning old bootcut or flared jeans into skinny jeans. You can see it on my blog here.

    Good luck! And by the way, your family is darling. These family pictures are beautiful.

  3. Such cute pictures! Your family is adorable!!!

  4. super cute girly~what a beautiful fam!