Halloween/Birthday Decor (mummy candles)

Grant is two! Yay! He is a funny funny little boy who keeps me entertained ALL day long. He's got lots of energy and loves to GO GO GO! 
We had a few birthday get-togethers and had lots of fun. He loved opening his presents and blowing out the candle on the cake. We had to light it a about five times because he loved blowing it out sooo much. 

opening presents with Uncle Doug

MorMor and Papa

After party photo

loves his toy woody from MorMor and Papa

The boys with Grandma

Some Halloween decor
I had to make two cakes for each party- This was cake #2

Dad, Grandma, Boys and Uncle Davis
After Party going to a ward Halloween Party

Ben finishing off Grants grilled cheese sandwich

It was such a fun week! Thanks to all the family for making it a memorable birthday for Grant. He loves his Grandparents, Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles. Here is random picture of Benny. He is getting soo big! He is only 1 lb lighter than Grant! Crawling everywhere and standing up and walking with the help of furniture. I can't believe I have two mobile curious boys!!


  1. So CUTE! Looks like a fun party with lots of love! Cute decorations too! Can't believe how big your boys are...and Ben has the most kissable cheeks ever! And I love your family pics...you look fabulous!

  2. happy birthday to lil grant! such a cutie, and such fun decor girly~

  3. Such cute birthday celebrations! Can't believe he is TWO! Time flies!! I remember you telling us you were pregnant like it was yesterday!