We spent the weekend in St. George for sweet little Gordons baby blessing. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of him in his sweet little blessing gown. He is adorable. We also got to meet a new cousin Owen who is so precious!! Here is a picture of all the cousins together...
Ben (3/11/11) Gordon (4/30/11) Oaklie (6/14/11) Owen (6/27/11)

Aiden and Grant in their Toy Story jammies
It was so much fun to have some cousin time. Grant love love loves Aiden almost as much as he loves Toy Story. I have the cutest nephews and niece ever!! Some of my best memories are of spending summers with my cousins so I'm so happy that my boys have lots of cute cousins to play with through the years.


  1. Aww...how cute! How fun for your boys that they will have cousins to play with!!

    And the sloppy joes are SO amazing! I will have to try that salad...sounds divine! Yes, ourbestbites has become my go to recipe gallery!

  2. Those cousins will have SO much fun together as they grow up!