Movin on up!

drinking his juice watching sesame street- we both stay in pj's until noonish

I had Jeff take a pregnancy pic since I only have one or two of this pregnancy- 35 weeks :)

Grant loves chicken nuggets and green beans
It's been a big last week for our family. We finally took the plunge and moved. We had been thinking about moving for a while because living in a basement was really taking it's toll on my sanity. As much as I wanted to move we didn't want to leave our neighborhood. It's so close to the university and it's one of the safest neighborhoods in Salt Lake so we really had a hard time finding a place that was worth the move. Then out of nowhere a duplex around the corner was for rent! Needless to say we had to take it! We have nice big windows and a garage! The best part is that we don't have anyone walking above us and making noise right when we are trying to go to sleep!! It's right across the street from our church too, which is awesome! Less neighbors and less traffic are a big bonus :) We've been taking our sweet time getting everything where it needs to go so until then I don't have any pictures, but my goal is to have everything done in two weeks because I'll be 37 weeks and out of commission!