7 months!

Grant its officially crawling. He is all over the place. He is a busy busy body. I love it! We have so much fun. He's such a stud. He has two teeth now and loves to use them!!

We went to St. George for what we thought was going to be a two day trip, but we had some car complications and ended up staying for two extra days...I didn't complain! It was so much fun. We celebrated my dad's 50th birthday. He is awesome. He doesn't look or act 50. I went to the gym with him while we were visiting and I could only keep up with him for 2 mins on the cardio machine! He's my inspiration. I took some great pictures of his birthday party weekend by the pool.

I got a jogging stroller (yay) last week. I got a great deal from a lady that was selling it on ksl. I've enjoyed getting back into running. I want to run a half marathon this summer in Park City, so we'll see how that goes. I'm trying to recruit friends and family to do it with me because running for that long is so much better with a buddy.

Jeff is taking a couple classes this semester. He is still looking into Law School...and I'm still pushing for University of Hawaii! How awesome would that be? I get all happy and excited just thinking of the possibility.