Six Months

Once again I'm in disbelief that my little baby guy is a month older and equipped with a set of new skills. He is a total pro at sitting up. He wants to crawl oh so bad, but he hasn't quite mastered scooting yet. He babbles like there is no tomorrow.

This little guy is the most amazing miracle. I don't understand how people can't believe in a kind and trusting Heavenly Father when he blesses this world with these precious, helpless, and adorable pieces of heaven. It just amazes more and more each day that my Heavenly Father trusts and loves me so much to have sent me Grant to raise and teach. I just love his little chubby face :)

We are looking forward to summer! We get to go visit Mor Mor and Papa in a few weeks for Papa's big 5-0! I can't wait to spend a few days soaking up some St George sun!!

Jeff is taking a couple summer classes. He has recently decided to start working towards Law School. It's pretty exciting because up until then he didn't really have any idea what he wanted to do.

All in all we are enjoying 'living the dream' as Jeff always says :)



First off I need to complain about the weather! REALLY??!?! Why is there six inches of snow outside on April 5th? It's pretty annoying because I was just getting used to those nice long walks in between nap time.
Anyway now that I'm through with that complaint...on to the good stuff. The other day Grant finally played along with the "peek-a-boo" game. Before it was kind of confusing for him, but now he gets a kick out of it. I find myself doing anything 'silly' or 'goofy' to just get a little giggle out of him. There is nothing better than hearing his sweet little laugh! Luckily I had my camera close by
and recorded the fun...Enjoy :)