it's all gone :(

It has taken some getting used to, but I'm starting to like his hair. We decided to cut it on Sunday after he was called a girl for the millionth time. Jeff loves it because it makes him look older and not like a baby. That's exactly why I don't like it, but he is a cutie no matter what!! And whether he likes it or not- he'll always be my baby :)


Christmas is here!

In bed with his mormor blankie

Rain, SNOW, or Shine he loves the park
Grant as a 'Star Boy'
First of all, sorry I always add so many pictures. I figure whoever 'reads' this blog probably only looks at the pictures anyway :)
We had two family Christmas parties this last Saturday. The first party was for my mom's side. We had our traditional Santa Lucia program and had a delicious Swedish breakfast. Grant was in the program as a star boy and my cute little cousin was the Santa Lucia. It was so cute. We also had Santa Clause visit!

Then we had a party for my dad's side of the family. There was lots of good food and fun cousins. There was the traditional Nativity put on by the cousins. Grant was the only sheep this year. He kept pulling off his mask so I had him hold onto the shepherd cane to keep his hands occupied. Luckily he only had a 30 second role.

Grant and Brynn

Jessica and Grant- my little cousins love to hold him!

Visit with Santa Clause

Mormor, Grant, and Jenn

Sheep mask was a little snug

holding his cane

resting on mormors lap after a LONG day

posing in front of the Christmas Tree
One year old!
Grant is just a little fire cracker. He is always going and going. Jeff taught him how to say how old he is. He gets so excited he forgets to answer and skips right to clapping for himself. His favorite toy right now is a balloon. He is a true boy. He screams everytime he sees basketball or football on t.v. and says 'ball' over and over.
Jeff is happy to have a break from school. He had a really busy semester, but he finished with a 3.95 which was awesome! He is doing an internship this next semester at the State Capitol during the legislative session and it'll count as college credit. He's really looking forward to that experience. Luckily he'll finish right before baby #2 is due. The time is flying by and I can't believe we are going to be a family of four in just 3 months!