my little Benny boo and Granty poo

So I love my little guys. They make a yucky day so much better! Let's just say I wasn't feeling 100% today and would have much rather stayed in bed eating chocolate and drinking diet mt dew :) Unfortunately I couldn't stay in bed all day, but I did settle with some chocolate and mt dew. Anyway I did get my workout in and am sooo ready for bed :) Here are a few recent pictures of my cute little guys.

Does anyone else call their babies/kids embarrassing nicknames?


  1. Cute boys!
    Benny boo boo is from How to Lose a Guy in 10 days right? :) I call Gabe, Gabey Beluga instead of the Raffi song Baby Beluga

  2. Your lil guys are to cute!! Nicknames are the best, our kids definitely have a ton:)