one plus one equals.....

Two!! That's right people, I am pregnant yet again. We are super duper excited to have another little baby in our family :) I'm not due until March, but I can't wait to spread the news. Grant will be 1 1/2 when the baby arrives which we feel is a good spacing for our kids. So far I've been feeling pretty good. We are just sooo happy that we are able to have another little blessing!

Grant is just as cute as ever :) He's a handful, that's for sure. He has his two top teeth coming in which are just so cute. He is starting to bite though...which isn't cute at all. I love waking up to his cute little face every morning excited to see what he's going to surprise me with next!

We spent last week in Bear Lake with Jeff's family. It was so much fun. His sister Jana left for the MTC today to serve in the Denmark, Copenhagen mission and then his brother Mitch is leaving in a few weeks to serve in the New Mexico, Albuquerque mission. So we had a last family trip. It was so great to spend time in the sunshine by the lake. We went boating, which Grant LOVED! He loved the wind in his face. We did wake surfing, which is so much better than any other water sport (because it's so easy to get up and stay up!) We took a trip to the Minnetonka Cave which was pretty cool and just basically soaked up the sun.

The Sunday after Bear Lake, Jana and Mitch had a double farewell. Jana left this morning, but Mitch has a few more weeks. They are going to be great missionaries. We are going to miss them so much, especially when the new baby is here. Thank goodness for modern technology! We can email and exchange pictures so they won't miss too much. 

I'm too lazy to put the pictures in order, but here are a few of our last week or so!! Love you all :)


  1. AH! I'm so excited for you two! I can't imagine a baby cuter than Grant but I'm sure you can pull it off! ;)

  2. I know I already said it, but congrats again! AND it looks like your summer is going awesome!

  3. I heard the news from someone...maybe Grandma Todd. Anyway, I am so happy for you guys. You make the best parents and Grant is so cute. I have always said you should have many children

  4. Yay!! How exciting!!! It is fun to have them close. You are such a cute mom Amy!