8 months and sunny St. George

Grant is 8 months old now! It's so fun seeing his personality develop. He is such a busy body. He loves to climb on to everything and loves to eat whatever we are eating. No more baby food for him!!We were able to visit my family down in St. George this last weekend for the 4th of July! It was a blast. Matt and Mike proposed to their girlfriends...who so happen to be sisters! They are the sweetest girls and we love them to death. We are also excited to have Aiden as a part of our family too. He's such a cutie. It's going to be a double wedding (ho
w fun is that???) sometime in September or October...i think. Matt also gave Aiden a baby blessing on Sunday. It was sooo sweet. We love the Neve family and are so excited for the twins!!


  1. It all looks like a ton of fun! Grant is adorable as usual. You are such a good mom, Amy!

  2. looks like you guys had such a fun 4th! and grant is so cute~ can't believe he is 8 months!