...walking and talking

Lava Hot Springs- stealing ice out of the cooler

Blake and Grant up at the cabin

Aunt Kirsten and Grant swinging at cabin
Ava, Marie, and Brooke
Aubrey and Blake
Grant and Uncle Doug

Lope licking the crumbs out of Grants hair- he loves her!

Grant is 10 months old now and starting to walk everywhere! He is still pretty unsteady and only takes 5 or 6 steps at a time, but he's getting the hang of it quickly. He's also saying "dada" and "mama" all the time which is so darling. He's got the cutest little baby voice. We spend our days taking naps together and walking up and down the sidewalks with his little walker. This last weekend we spent with family at my uncles cabin. It was so fun for Grant to be around his little second cousins and be outside in the beautiful mountains.


  1. He is so cute! I can't believe 10 months old. I loved seeing him at grandma's. Love the pics :-)

    (p.s. the last pic with Lope reminds me that when I was about 3 Bishop Day's (Farmington) St. Bernard drug me around the front yard by my hair...so if the dog is starting to have an obsession with his hair make sure you keep is short. Haha)

  2. Sierra, that is hilarious! I remember Bishops dogs! I was chased around plenty of times by one...(I can't remember the name) I'm pretty sure Lope is the one who needs to watch out for Grant though! He grabs on and pulls on her ears, tail, fur, etc. Good thing she is pretty tolerant!

  3. He is the cutest baby ever. I think I say that everytime. Your mom told me his is walking now! It will be fun to see him at the weddings!

  4. I am pretty much excited I found your blog!! And thanks a million for watching Will for us!!