It's been one whole year since Grant was born. Everyone told me it would fly by, but I didn't realize how fast it would fly! It's been a great year and we had two great celebrations with family. There isn't much to say besides the obvious fact that he got SPOILED! I was pretty disappointed that he didn't dig into either one of his cakes like I was expecting him to do. It was still great though!!

The little man posing with his apple

So...I shouldn't try to make a business out of cake decorating

He had a disgusted look every time he touched the cake

Jeff's little brothers eating some cake

Grant, Grandma Watkins and Mitch

Grant loves his choo choo train!

Birthday sign is a 'tradition' with the Jacox's

Jenn and Spencer got him this awesome four wheeler!

Aunt Kirsten and Grant

Jenn and Brooke!

Mor Mor and Papa trying to put the wagon together

Mor Mor and Grant

the guys and Brooke watching some sporting event

pushing his new wagon
my super handsome husband :)

my cute sisters!!!!!


  1. Aw you are so sweet to make that cake and those cupcakes! Gabe's first birthday cake was a Pat the Bunny/disaster cake. Yikes!
    And seeing Alyson helping Grant open his presents made me all sentimental because we have a home video of Alyson helping me open up my presents at my 2nd birthday party. It was a little purse and makeup set and I can just hear her voice narrating every piece she took out of the packaging for me. :)

  2. Grant is darling!!! What a cutie! And your cake was perfect since it looked very Halloween-ish! I remember Rachel's birthday, too, and how much fun it was to have Aunt Alyson and Jeff there! Fun times!

  3. Happy Birthday Grant! He looks very spoiled but that is ok. It is the way it is supposed to be especially when you are that cute!