5 Months!

Five months old! I am in total shock. I can't believe that I have been a mother to the most adorable little being in the world for five months now. I admit at times my patience has been tried, but I can't imagine ever being without my little guy.

He is growing so fast. We spent the last week in Saint George for spring break with my family. My Mom loved it! She fed him his baby food breakfast lunch and dinner everyday and I'm pretty sure he gained at least five pounds while we were there! He's on his way to be a linebacker for sure! It was such a fun week and we can't wait for another school break to head back down :)

We made a day trip to Vegas -so fun!

Our fun visit to Zions National Park- beautiful!

He is rolling over and even starting to scoot a little bit. We started feeding him baby food a few weeks ago and he LOVES it! I was sad at first thinking he might not want to nurse as much, but he hasn't slowed down AT ALL!

Jeff thought it would be funny to paint Grant with his sweet peas- it was hilarious!

He's a little smiley piece of sunshine!

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  1. You guys seriously have the most beautiful baby. I got together with Aunt Susan the other day and I think we talked for about 10 minutes about how gorgeous Grant is.

    You guys look great!