{ Sorry this is a picture overload post. Jeff surprised me with a new camera for Mothers Day so I've been going CRAZY taking pictures making up for all the times I didn't have one. This should probably be split up into 3 or 4 different posts, but both kids are asleep right now and I'm taking advantage of some uninterrupted computer time }

    We are still living with my parents in Saratoga Springs waiting to hear from Jeff's company where they want him to be for the next couple of years. It's been a little frustrating waiting and wondering where we are going to end up. I'm hoping we can stay in Utah for little while longer- at least long enough to have the little baby. Either way we have really enjoyed being with my family. Not only do I enjoy having extra helping hands, it's been fun having my mom and dad around to hang out with during the day. 
    I feel like my little boys have grown up so much in the last few months. Ben babbles and tries to hold on a conversation. He is starting to throw little tantrums and throw himself on the floor. Because he's so little it makes me laugh, but I know he's headed right for the 'terrific twos'!! Grant is right smack in the middle of toddler-hood. He picks up little phrases and sayings that he hears. The one he frequently repeats is 'Knock-id-ed off'. This is used when I have told him no or stop. It was adorable at first, but it's getting a little obnoxious! 
    Baby #3 is about the size of a large mango and growing. We got to see him yesterday during a routine ultrasound. He's a lot more mellow than his brothers were in-utero which makes me think he might be a 'laid back' baby. I'm not getting my hopes up though! He is on track to be a 7 pounder just like his brothers. It's such a comfort seeing his little heart on the screen, beating so perfectly and strong. As excited as I am to meet our newest little addition, we are thankful he still has a few more months of baking time left! 


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