My life is now complete!

I love to try new recipes...and my favorite place to find those new recipes is the yummy blog Our Best Bites. Today I made Spicy Honey Chicken...my life is now complete. This is now my new favorite dish. Jeff isn't really a salad person so he just ate the chicken with potatoes. I on the other hand went all out and made the salad and dressing to go along with it...yummy! I wish we had left-overs because writing about it makes my mouth water! Another recipe we love from this blog is the Stuffed Pizza Rolls. Delish!! I've also made this Baked Chicken Penne- it's so good!! Try these recipes out and let me know what you think :)

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  1. Hi Amy,
    Tonight I made the Spicy Honey Chicken. I was in a recipe slump so this helped me out and it turned out sooo good. I had no idea about the blog Our Best Bites. Thanks for the idea!