3 Months Old!

I can hardly believe that my little teeny tiny newborn has grown into a chubby smiley baby! He is now 3 months old and cuter than ever! I never imagined having this much fun with a baby. He loves to stretch out his little legs and stand (with much assistance) He is also figuring out that his hands are fun to suck on...all the time!
It's so fun to wake up to such a happy little person each morning and see how much he's grown from the day before! We just set up his big boy crib last night and are hoping that he will sleep better than he did in his bassinet. I'm also taking him in to the doctors in a few hours to get his immunizations (i've been procrastinating because i know that some babies react badly to the shots and i hate to see them poke his little body :( ) We are also getting ready for the busy week ahead. Kirsten is getting her endowments out tomorrow and getting married on Friday...so we have lots of fun family things coming up.Anyway I've decided I'm going to post more often because it's a great way to keep track of the day to day without pulling out my journal and pen and paper!!


  1. So cute Amy and Jeff! I want to see all the pictures i can. It was so fun to see you guys at the temple tonight!