So...this whole blogging thing is new to us, but since everyone else is doing it we might as well join in :) Right now we are watching some NFL...well Jeff is watching I'm obviously on the internet bored enough to post something on our empty blog.
Jeff started up school this week at the U of U and is really enjoying his classes so far. He decided to major in Mass Communications, so far so good :)
We only have nine weeks and counting left until our little one comes to hang out with us. It's crazy that it is coming so soon, but I'm excited to be able to get out of bed without groaning or going two hours without nearly peeing my pants!! Being pregnant really has been so much fun. My new favorite past time is to watch my stomach move from left to right and feel his little kicks. We have still to choose a name...so any suggestions are more than welcome.
A few other things that we are counting down... Doug and Brooke's wedding (Sept 24th) Yeah!! and Matt and Mike coming home ( Nov 4th and 5th)
We are so excited to have Brooke part of our family and we are so happy that Doug found the love of his life. They really seem to be made for each other...mostly we are just grateful that someone loves Doug...just kidding :)
Matt and Mike have really been missed, but it's been so fun hearing all the stories and experiences they've had the past two years. You can tell from their emails and letters that they have grown a lot and really love serving the Lord. We are so proud of them and can't wait to hear a lot more stories when they come home. They will have missed two weddings will have two new siblings by the time they get home...and have a new little nephew (hopefully he's comes before they do)
To sum it all up life is good...and we are excited for the big upcoming events to make it even better!